CSAC - Catholic School Advisory Commission

The CSAC has a very vital role to play in advising the principal and fostering school community and culture.

CSAC's sole purpose is to advise the principal regarding school-site specific matters. As such, the commission is under the sole direction and authority of the principal and does not have a formal relationship with either the pastor or the board of governance. The principal serves as chairman of the CSAC and facilitates the meetings. The minutes of the meeting should be kept by an assigned commission member. Members serve for a limited term at the discretion of the principal.

The commission is not policy-making but could provide policy recommendations to the principal. The commission does not vote on recommendations and there is no need for a quorum or voting rules. At the discretion of the principal and regional director, the commission may be presented regular financial reporting but does not participate in budget or tuition setting. CSAC members are not to serve on the Diocesan Catholic Schools Board, which is a regional policy-making board.