School History

School Mission Statement

Formed in Freedom for Excellence
Transformed through Grace and Virtue
Living in Joy born of Truth

Parish Mission Statement
As members of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, our mission is to present, with open arms and a spirit of outreach, the gifts of our community and of our faith in Jesus Christ.

Philosophy of Catholic Education

Freedom For Excellence
Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School exists primarily for the purpose of assisting families with the education of their children regarding the truths of the Catholic Faith, and to nourish both families and students in the Eucharistic life and Marian spirituality of the Church. At PBVM School, the child’s freedom is formed and develops gradually though education of the whole child - intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically. Habits, skills, objectives and expectations are organized around the cardinal virtues of Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude and nurtured through truth and love. This educational approach clustered around the virtues (1) strengthens freedom, (2) refines human actions and (3) leads students to examine all that opposes freedom. Freedom for Excellence is founded upon a properly formed reason and will directed toward what is true, good and beautiful, It is grounded in human nature and leads to true happiness and a life of virtue. This is crucial to the child since happiness is decisive for the integral ordering of one’s life and necessary for the authentic formation of character. The ultimate flowering of the student’s freedom takes place in the living of the Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity and through transformation in Christ through Grace.

Grace & Virtue
Ultimately the child formed in this Freedom is further transformed by Christ through His Grace. The effect of the authentic living of Freedom for Excellence transformed by Grace is intense joy: “The Happy life is joy born of truth!” - St. Augustine. Though not rigid, an orderly environment of grace and joy is the unique educational environment in which students formed in Freedom for Excellence can thrive. Love is the lifeblood of freedom for excellence that leads to an encounter with Christ: it is not only that the student is loved, but that the student knows that he is loved. Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School is committed to the belief that each child has a personal dignity and worth because he is created in the image of God and loved by Him. Recognized as a unique individual, the child’s talents and gifts are challenged and developed according to his capacity so that he might fulfill his duty to live in the grace of God and to strive for holiness. He is taught to use his gifts for the honor and glory of God, for his own spiritual and temporal good, and for the good of his neighbor.

Joy Born of Truth
The student who is formed in Freedom for Excellence through authentic education and is transformed by Christ through Grace and virtue will exhibit joy. Joy is the direct effect of (1) Truth Understood (2) Goodness Loved, and (3) Excellent Actions. True joy is a sign of virtue’s authenticity and moral excellence embodied in the student. True joy is lasting, communicable, and grows by being shared. The student who lives a life of authentic joy will freely embrace sacrifices, bear trials with courage and love.“That my joy may be in you.” – Jn. 15:8; “I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly!” – Jn. 10)

SLE's | Student Learning Expectations [Condensed]

  • Prudence
    Careful planners
    who are thorough in their studies

    Confident leaders
    who are secure in the knowledge of God’s
    infinite love for them

    Reflective individuals
    whose work is inspired by truth

  • Temperance
    Lovers of beauty
    with an appreciation for the different expressions of art, music,
    and other cultural experiences

    Assertive Communicators
    who seek the “truth which will set man free”

    Integrated individuals
    who recognize their dignity as human persons

  • Fortitude
    Catechized Witnesses
    with a well-grounded knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith

    well-rounded students
    who take full advantage of all educational opportunities

    Loyal Knights
    who are steadfast and focused

  • Justice
    Faithful Worshipers
    willing and eager to give God His due in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    Responsible Stewards
    who understand that every good gift comes from God

    Grateful Sons & Daughters
    who honor and respect God, parents, and country

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