Welcome to Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School where joy is contagious! PBVM School embraces Christ Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and therefore embraces what is said by St. Augustine: “The happy life is Joy born of Truth!” “Gaudium de Veritas!” (Joy born of Truth): This is crucial for the PBVM student, as the question of happiness is decisive for the integral ordering of one’s life and vital for the authentic formation of character. At PBVM School, the student’s freedom is formed though an education organized around the principal virtues that strengthen freedom, refine human actions, and examine opposing faults, vices, and sins that impede freedom.

Ultimately, the student is formed in a “Freedom for Excellence” and further transformed by Christ through His Grace, resulting in a profound transformation of virtue (i.e. infused moral virtues & Gifts of the Holy Spirit). The effect of the authentic living of “Freedom for Excellence” transformed by Grace is intense joy. The effects of joy are three: (1) Excellent Actions, (2) Truth Understood, and (3) Goodness Loved. True joy is a sign of virtue’s authenticity and moral excellence embodied in the student. True joy is lasting, communicable, and grows by being shared. The student who lives a life of authentic joy will freely embrace sacrifices, bear trials with courage and love, and will contribute to making our world a place of joy. In Christ, our joy desires, “That my joy may be in you.” Jn. 15:8. He wants abundant life for us, and PBVM School desires nothing less for our students: “I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly!” – Jn. 10:10)

Come be a part of a "culture of joy”!

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