School-wide Learning Expectations


There are four SLE "Pillars," each based on one of the four cardinal virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance. Under each Pillar are 3-4 specific sub-SLEs that supports the SLE Pillar and further develops our life and mission at PBVM School.

Each of the cardinal virtues directly forms the human intellect, human will, or the human emotions:

  • Prudence: Deals most directly with the human intellect and how we use reason to seek what is truly good.
  • Temperance: Deals most directly with the human emotions and how we respond to pleasurable/delightful things.
  • Fortitude: Deals most directly with the human emotions and how we respond to difficult things (how we use anger).
  • Justice: Deals most directly with the human will and choosing what is perceived as good.


The freedom to act rightly in any situation: students who investigate and understand truth and apply it to practical life skills necessary to support good actions, with sights set on happiness in this life and the next.

  1. Careful planners who are thorough in their studies by being attentive to promptness, preparedness, and procedures
  2. Confident leaders who give of themselves in warm hospitality and good manners, and use good judgment in relationships and social situations
  3. Reflective individuals who produce quality, original work that is inspired by truth, demonstrate their understanding of grade-level material, and show their ability to think critically and apply content to daily life

Freedom to give each what is his due, beginning with God: students who understand themselves in relation to God, the world, and others, and have an accurate perception of and respect for the world and its political, cultural and religious dynamics.

  1. Christian witnesses who, made in the divine image and likeness of God, find their confidence in the reality that they are infinitely loved and cared for by Him, evidenced by love of God and neighbor
  2. Faithful Worshipers willing and eager to give God His due in the perfect prayer of praise, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; demonstrating an understanding of what happens at Mass
  3. Responsible Stewards whose actions reflect the understanding that every good gift comes from God: informing all choices is the hierarchy of being according to God’s plan
  4. Grateful Sons & Daughters who honor God, parents, and country and give appropriate respect to authority, superiors, and elders

Freedom to endure difficulties for the sake of a good purpose: students who persevere in spiritual, intellectual, and physical tasks despite challenges; healthy emotions ordered by right reason.

  1. Zealous Witnesses who discern, love, and defend truth as witnesses of Jesus Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church
  2. Academically well-rounded students who have a thorough comprehension of core subjects commensurate with their ability and age level and a strong academic background that will enable them to take full advantage of all educational opportunities offered them at the next level
  3. Self–possessed persons who exhibit good sportsmanship, determination, and focus in teamwork settings

The freedom to be moderate in the desire for and use of pleasant things: Lovers of truth who are attracted by beauty and live a life of awe and wonder so as to pursue a lifetime of learning.

  1. Catechized Youth with a well-grounded knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith evidenced by a reverence, awe and devotion to its practice
  2. Lovers of beauty with an appreciation for the different expressions of art, music and other cultural experiences
  3. Assertive Communicators who utilize technology as a tool to seek the “truth which will set man free” and understand that communication is a form of self-gift used to unite people in and beyond their community in truth and love
  4. Integrated individuals whose actions correspond to their dignity as human persons through the recognition of the values of good health, physical fitness and healthy life choices