Student Council
Our Student Council is overseen by  Mrs. Bridget Thompson, 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher.

Student Council holds weekly meetings, plans Spirit Rallies, is in charge of daily end-of-day announcements, promotes school spirit, and holds fundraisers. They are the public face of our school and host the Sacramento Diocesan Student Council Congress held in the fall.


Academic Decathlon
Our Academic Decathlon Team is overseen by Mrs. Rita Casagrande, 8th Grade Teacher. The annual competition is held the first Saturday in March.

  1. Team Event - Logic Quiz
    • Brainbashers
    • Logic-puzzles
    • Mensa
    • The logic test may contain any of the following types of problems:
      Soduku, Cryptograms, Algerbraic equations, Spatial reasoning, Anagrams, Patterns/graphs, Probability, Literal thinking and/or Grids

  2. Super Quiz
    • Science 
    • Fine Arts 
    • Religion

  3. Individual Quiz
    • Fine Arts 
    • Mathematics 
    • Religion 

Nature Bowl

Our Nature Bowl Team is overseen by parents and staff and is comprised of 3rd through 6th grade students. This event takes place in the spring, with weekly after-school practices beginning in the winter.  Teams learn about ecology and the importance of environmental stewardship.  
Religious Decathlon

Our Religious Decathlon Team is overseen by staff and parents.

2016-2017 Champions 
2014-2015 Champions
2013-2014 Champions
2012-2013 Champions

Preciosa Vita Club

Our junior high Pro Life group is moderated by lay personnel.  They meet regularly to promote the sanctity of life, both among their peers and in their community.