Admissions Policy

We strive to provide an excellent educational environment for all students who wish to pursue academic challenges.

The order of priority for acceptance to Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School:

  • Children entering preschool or Kindergarten who have siblings enrolled at PBVM.
  • Catholics who have been registered members of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish for one year prior to registration.
  • Members of PBVM Parish who are entering Kindergarten.
  • Transferring Catholics currently attending another parochial school and who become members of PBVM Parish.
  • Catholics who are members of other parishes.
  • Non-Catholics.

Students need to be five years of age by September 1 to enter Kindergarten. First graders should have completed Kindergarten and should be six years old by September 1. Transfer students are admitted on a probationary basis. For students having difficulties adjusting, a conference among the parents, teacher(s), and principal will be scheduled. At the pastor and principal’s discretion, a student may be required to transfer out of PBVM School.

Most Catholic high schools require a principal’s recommendation for entry. Students entering the Catholic school system at the junior high level may not be given as strong a recommendation (or one at all) as students with a longer history in Catholic schools. Academic records and teachers’ recommendations for placement in high school classes are, of course, given for all students who have met the graduation requirements.