Technology is an important part of our classroom. I use the Apple TV with the iPad on a daily basis while teaching.It is used as a tool to explain lessons and investigate information. Also, the children have computer lab weekly in the Learning Center. The children love having this as part of their learning experience!

In kindergarten we will learn about the importance of having God in our lives. We will carry Jesus with us throughout our daily activities, and the children will learn how to live a virtuous life (please see virtue plan). Children will also learn to read and write, and the building blocks of doing both of these things well. They will learn to make complex patterns, count, recognize, and write numbers, use base ten to understand place value, add and subtract. They will discover how to develop scientific skills. They will learn about their community and the world, and much, much more. They will understand why it is important to be a good friend. At PBVM, the children love to learn their Catholic faith. They will have fun!

Virtue Plan

“The goal of discipline is the true cultivation of virtue, so that the child is interiorly directed away from sinful habits and toward God Himself.” We are all called to become saints. By becoming consistently disciplined in virtuous behavior, we too can become saints.

In kindergarten students will be rewarded for having virtuous behavior. Each child will have a virtue crown. Through practicing virtuous behavior, the children will earn jewels for their crowns through the virtue program.* Students will take their crowns home at the end of the year. This year we will work on cultivating the following virtues: Self-control, Kindness, Obedience, Orderliness, Foresight, and Patience.
*Earning a jewel for the virtue crown:

*Each child will keep a 3x5 card at their table. Throughout the day the children will receive virtue stickers for their cards. After a child collects an allotted number of stickers, he or she will receive a jewel to put on their crown.