Sixth Grade  


Knighthood Virtue Program

The 6th - 8th grades participate in the Knighthood virtue program. This program is based on the virtues and qualities of the medieval knights and ladies and how we can transfer similar virtues into our own daily life. The students design their own personal shield to represent their qualities and the virtues they desire in their lives. Over the course of the year, the watch their shields move up the classroom castle bulletin board as they display consistent effort in working on the virtues. Each student has a knighthood folder with a virtue checklist. This list is filled out by the teacher at least every two weeks and is sent home for the parents to sign. There is room for both student and teacher comments in the virtue folder. In 7th grade, the students have the opportunity to become pages or squires depending upon their growth in virtue. Knighthood is reserved to the 8th graders. Throughout the year, 8th graders are knighted individually as they meet their Dominican Court goals. Knighthood Ceremonies occur at the end of an All School Mass.